Watch the Diana memorial service online

2009 UPDATE: Well, the video I embedded below is no longer available, and now I can’t find any authorized video of the memorial service! That’s a shame. But you can still read the text of Prince Harry’s (heartfelt and touching) remarks about his mother.

2008 UPDATE: The BBC used to offer a video of the full 2007 memorial service for Princess Diana, but the link no longer works outside the UK.

I looked around, and the best video I can find now is the one I’ve embedded below. It’s only 5 minutes long, but it includes Prince William’s reading and Prince Harry’s full speech. (2009 update: Video no longer available.)

Original post:

Information on TV broadcasts of the August 31 memorial service for Diana, Princess of Wales:

You can watch the memorial service for Princess Diana at the BBC site. For some reason the direct link to the video no longer works, but if you’re in the UK* go here and choose the “Diana’s memory celebrated” video. After that window opens, you will see another link to a video of the full ceremony. It’s about an hour long.

* 2008 Update: The video now seems to work only in the UK. And if it you’re in the UK and it still won’t work, my apologies. It’s the only link I can find to the full service.

Where are they now?

Over the past few days, lots of people have been searching for “Tiggy Legge-Bourke” (former nanny of Prince William and Prince Harry) and finding this blog because I once linked to an article about her family background.

Well, here’s an article about what some of Princess Diana’s associates are doing today, and it includes a little bit of info about the former Ms. Legge-Bourke (who is now married):
Know what Diana’s butler is doing now?

Diana: The final frenzy (or is it?)

I’m starting to think the word “Diana” must be tattooed on my eyeballs because it’s all I’m seeing these days. I know I’ve been slow at updating the news page recently. There are so many Princess Diana links to sort through, and I don’t want to omit anything good.

This is truly a media frenzy. And I wonder, is it the last big Diana media frenzy? Will Diana now fade into history, or will she continue to make headlines for years to come?

Tell me what you think. I can’t form my own opinion right now because I have to go look at a trillion-and-one more news stories about Princess Diana.

OK, this is ridiculous

Princess Diana’s name is often dragged into stories that have absolutely nothing to do with her (for example, Paul McCartney’s divorce from a woman he married five years after Diana’s death), but a recent Daily Mail article “Wealth, privilege, wickedness and downfall … why we’re obsessed with Lord Lucan” really takes the cake, comparing Diana to not one, not two, but THREE infamous murderers, AND disgraced silent film star Fatty Arbuckle!

OK, I get it. Not everyone liked Princess Diana. That’s been made very plain. But the poor woman really did not have anything at all in common with Jack the Ripper. Really. If you’re a journalist looking for a famous woman to mention repeatedly and unnecessarily in endlessly unflattering ways, may I suggest Paris Hilton? At least she’s still around to defend herself.