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Prince William’s girlfriend (and future wife?) is so popular that it would take an entire blog to do her justice, and now there is such a blog: The Kate Middleton Report.

This blog is the work of Marilyn, of Marilyn’s Royal Blog fame, with some contributions from me. Whether you’re a Kate fan, a Kate foe (because YOU would make a better bride for Prince William, of course), or a total Kate newbie, you should find something here to interest or amuse you, so please drop by!

Britney, Diana, and Wonder Woman

According to recent gossip, singer Britney Spears is “obsessed” with Princess Diana.

The evidence for this supposed obsession? She has allegedly turned a room into a “shrine” to the princess and she sometimes uses the code name Diana Prince.

Wait a second, doesn’t Wonder Woman also use that name? Oh my God, stop the presses, Wonder Woman is obsessed with Princess Diana, too! Or maybe Britney Spears IS Wonder Woman!

I don’t know if Britney really has a secret super-heroine identity. But she’s welcome to join the World of Royalty Network. There are lots of people there who collect books about princesses. We don’t think that’s weird.

(2011 UPDATE: Well, the WOR Network no longer exists, but Britney is welcome to hang out here on the blog or at, where Diana fans are always welcome.)