A little royal news

I don’t have anything to post on this blog right now, so I’m going to shamelessly send you over to my Royal News Blog, where you can see many interesting things today, including a picture of one of King Mswati of Swaziland’s wives, Prince Charles apparently eating ham with his hands (tsk), Queen Rania of Jordan at a sit-in, and Queen Beatrix of the Netherlands splashing around in some water.

Now, really, what other blog offers you all that?

And once you’ve gotten your feet wet with that taste of royal news, head over to Royalty.nu News page for a lot more. I haven’t even finished updating it yet today, so who knows what you’ll find…

UPDATE: Sorry, links to the topics mentioned in this post have all expired. But you’ll find other interesting things on the Royal News Blog today…

Royal Week in Review – April 25, 2009

A Meeting of Royals
Dutch royal family welcomes Swedish king & queen (sorry, this link has expired)

Mysterious Claim of the Week
‘Palace massacre linked to princess’ crash death’

No Royal Help Here
Boy asks King about name change (expired)

Bad Behavior at Buckingham Palace
Officers ‘sat on Queen’s throne’

Royal History in the News This Week
Archaeologists hunt for Cleopatra’s tomb in Egypt (link expired)

…But that’s not all. For a lot more royal news, photos, and videos, visit the Royalty.nu News page.

World Digital Library

Scheduled to launch on April 21, the World Digital Library “will make available on the Internet, free of charge and in multilingual format, significant primary materials from cultures around the world, including manuscripts, maps, rare books, musical scores, recordings, films, prints, photographs, architectural drawings, and other significant cultural materials.”

APRIL 23 UPDATE: Well, the site has launched, and it looks amazingly great. I tested it out with a random search for “Nepal,” and found An Account of the Kingdom of Nepal, published in 1811. You can read it on the World Digital Library site for free. How cool is that?