Royal Week in Review – May 30, 2009

Future Prince Has Surgery…
Kidney transplant for Swedish princess’s fiancĂ©

…While His Future Wife Is Elsewhere
Royals in Greenland for climate change visit (link expired)

A Major Blunder
Palace: No invitation to queen for D-Day ceremony (link expired)

End of a Royal Era
Queen Elizabeth stops breeding corgis

Bad News for Royal Wedding Fans
I’m going to follow my own path, says Albert

As you can see, it was a week of royal surprises. For more surprising and interesting royal news, plus photos and videos, visit the News page.

We have only 97 months, says Charles

The Prince of Wales gave a speech about climate change today at the Nobel Laureates Symposium at St James’s Palace in London. “Somehow, global decision-makers have to be persuaded that strong, committed and coordinated action is needed now, not in ten years time, or even in five, but now — otherwise there will be little left on which to base our economies,” the prince said. Read Full Speech