Royal Week in Review – October 30, 2010

Royal fashion edition!

First, the Serious News
Death of ruler prompts fight over succession

Royal Fashion Icon of the Week
Sheikha Mozah brings her chic to England (photos)

“The Very Epitome of a Royal”
Sheikha Mozah hailed as new queen of fashion

Letizia Isn’t the Only Stylish Spanish Royal
Princess Elena glamorous at award ceremony (sorry, this link has expired)

Adorable Fashion Threat of the Week
Kitten gets her claws into Camilla’s designer jacket

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Royal Week in Review – October 23, 2010

It was an eventful week in the world of royalty!

Did Royals Incite Riot?
Kuwait: Armed mob descends on TV station after show that criticizes ruling family

Civil List to Be Replaced
Funding change for British royal family

Life Sentence for Royal
Saudi prince found guilty of murder in London (sorry, this link has expired)

The Taking of Prince Harry
“Deeply insensitive” Prince Harry movie airs (video)

But Is She as Powerful as Lady Gaga?
Queen Beatrix is the most powerful woman in the country

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