Queen Elizabeth visits Australia

Royal Week in Review – October 29, 2011

Funeral for Heir to Throne
Saudi Arabia buries Crown Prince Sultan (sorry, this link has expired)

New Heir to Throne Chosen
Saudi king names interior minister as crown prince

Historic Royal Equality Act
It’s a girl! British royal succession rules to change (expired)

Former Monarch Addresses Parliament
Romania king’s speech highlights historical split (expired)

Royal History in the News This Week
Lenin cleared of tsar’s murder

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Princess Diana in fiction – 2011 update

Two years ago, I wrote a blog post about Princess Diana in fiction. As I noted at the time, so far novels about Diana, Princess of Wales have focused on her accidental death or her imagined survival.

Since I wrote that post, Monica Ali’s book Untold Story has been published. It’s about a princess (a thinly veiled version of Diana) who stages her own death. And now there’s another book in the Diana-didn’t-die genre. This one’s called Princess Diana: The Day She Didn’t Die. I learned about this book over at Marilyn’s Royal Blog, where Marilyn Braun shares a surprisingly positive review.