Duchess of Cambridge exposed as photographer

Kate, who is said to be a keen photographer, chose to shoot in black and white for many of the scenes.

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The oft photographed Duchess of Cambridge was given an opportunity to hone her skills behind the camera lens on her recent official tour of south-east Asia and the south Pacific.

Using her own camera, she captured rainforest scenes during her visit with Prince William to the research station at Danum valley in Malaysian Borneo. Her photographs have been published on the couple’s new website.

Kate, who is said to be a keen photographer, chose to shoot in black and white for many of the scenes as she attempted to convey the scale of the jungle.

Duchess of Cambridge photos from Borneo
A photograph taken by the Duchess of Cambridge of an endangered Borneo orangutan. Photograph: The Duchess Of Cambridge/PA

An endangered Borneo orangutan is shown in silhouette in one artistic shot. The couple were lucky enough to see one of the apes close up during their brief visit to the Royal Society research station. The duke is a fellow of the Royal Society.

Duchess of Cambridge photos from Borneo
Photograph: the Duchess of Cambridge/PA

During a private walk with the duke close to the research station, the duchess photographed a jungle clearing. The accompanying caption describes how “in rare clearings, when the sunlight does shine through, it creates the most spectacular effect through the architectural structures of the trees and leaves”.

In another, she concentrates on a tall tree above the canopy, attempting to convey its size. “It does not even begin to give a sense of the size of these jungle giants, which are truly one of nature’s most awesome sights,” reads the caption. During their visit, William and Kate were taken up a 130ft rainforest tree in harnesses, and walked along a 300-metre-long canopy bridge.

Duchess of Cambridge photos from Borneo
Photograph: the Duchess of Cambridge/PA

A picture of Mount Kinabalu, which at 4,095 metres above sea level is the highest point on Borneo, was taken from their plane as the couple flew to the Solomon Islands. Another aerial shot is of a palm oil plantation, which the royal party flew over on their way to the research station in Sabah, Malaysia.

The photographs, which are the copyright of the duchess, were published as the couple’s new website was launched this week. It will promote their public life and is further evidence of their augmented role as “working royals” taking on a larger share of the royal diary.

St James’s Palace would not give the make of the camera used by the duchess, but did say it was a “pocket-sized digital camera” and not a DSLR.

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    Camilla and Kate are the none rulers consort to be.Future workingclass wealthy never to hold a title or be future princess or even low ranking titled women.Both are not within the royal rights to the crown or meet with requirements to be titled like Princess Diana a born royal hier to Spencers Estate….The nonequipment both Kate and Camilla are left with is never being monarchy in reality to obtain royal preveliages and tiaras to history.So to fail in the media as Kate and Camila has with utter inmaturity to the crown and people’s concerns .Topless on a boat show inferrior respects to the fact .Kate took seven years to brow beat a marriage from William.And Camilla 30 years to wed Cahrles only to be the joke of the church.What sinwhores do to deceive when practice the deception of venomous evil….No one can call these women monarchy or future ruling princesses.Both have the conception to conspirre when needed to achieve the rle of wife..But not the royalty to be …


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