Some historic buildings in Boston


Above: Trinity Church in Boston’s Copley Square.

Instead of the Royal Week in Review, I’ve decided to repost some photos from my 2007 visit to the beautiful city of Boston, Massachusetts. Expect two more posts about Boston in the days to follow.

A few photos from my recent trip to Boston:


Above is Faneuil Hall. Out front is a statue of U.S. founding father Samuel Adams, who made speeches here before the American Revolution.


The grasshopper weathervane on the roof of Faneuil Hall. According to Wikipedia, it dates from 1742 and is made of solid copper covered with gold leaf, with glass doorknobs for eyes.


Above: Custom House Tower in Boston, built between 1913 and 1919 (the sources I checked give different dates). This was once the city’s tallest building. The clock is 22 feet wide. The original custom house was built in 1849 (without the tower). The building is now a hotel.


Washington Street in Boston. The building with the clock is the Old South Meeting House, built in 1729. Colonists met here in 1773 to organize the tax protests that led to the Boston Tea Party and the American Revolution.

I hope you enjoyed these photos, because I have more…

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