About that creepy Danish royal portrait…

Perhaps you’ve already seen the new official portrait of Denmark’s royal family, painted by Thomas Kluge. If not, look here. Be warned — it’s strange.

Here are some samples of what people have been saying about the painting:

We’re not saying “All Hail the Satanic overlords,” but we’re also not not saying that.The new Danish royal family portrait is super creepy

Is the Danish royal family starring in a sequel to The Omen?Danish royal family portrait looks like a horror movie poster

The sort of painting that would look more at home as the inside front cover of a V.C. Andrews paperback than hanging on a palace wall.This painting of the Danish royal family will steal your soul

Behind the crowded composition, with its gaggle of creepy toddlers… a floating Romantic cityscape suggests that the Danish royal family holds the key to time travel.New Danish royal portrait is a disaster

The painting depicts three generations of royals, all eerily aglow… Behind the group: the ruins of the city they have destroyed.Denmark ruled by demon family.

I know the Danish royals are into modern art, but I’m surprised that they decided to share this menacing family portrait with the public. What do you think?

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