2 thoughts on “Spanish royals attend official dinner

  1. OH My god !!I do not believe there is another person in the world with such a BAD TASTE in clothes as Queen Sofia and her daughters . They always wore a horrible things. I do not understand why the don’t have someone to advise them on the clothes. I can understand in the past she did it to annoy King Juan Carlos, but her son and daughter in law ??? Has not she have mirrors ??? I feel sorry for Felipe having to say ” this is my mother !!!!

  2. I actually thought Sofia looked quite nice. I wish I had the figure to wear something like this well. As for her daughters, I cannot say I’ve really noticed what they wear, except that I do like to The Infanta Elena wearing headwear, she has a great collection hasn’t she!

    Felipe will love his mother whatever she wears, Sofia has been a wonderful mother and grandmother.

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