Who visits Royalty.nu?

Having nothing else to post at the moment, I’ll share Quantcast’s estimate of the demographics of Royalty.nu visitors.

I know the widget looks a bit cut-off at the edges but that’s due to the code Quantcast provided and I can’t find a way to fix it.

This chart only applies to visitors from the U.S., although approximately 45% of Royalty.nu visitors come from other countries. (It’s Quantcast’s choice to focus only on the U.S., not mine!) Numbers in boldface are higher than Quantcast’s expected Internet average of 100.


The main World of Royalty website is 11 years old today. All I can say is wow.

OK — maybe I can say a little more than that.

The site started on April 17, 1998 as a single page on Geocities — just a place to keep my history links so I wouldn’t lose them if my computer crashed. (Bookmarking sites like Delicious didn’t exist in Ye Olden Days.)

Soon I added a news page, and some history articles that were frequently revised to reflect suggestions from the site’s visitors. (Wikipedia didn’t exist in the Olden Days, either.)

I moved to the Royalty.nu domain in 2001. The site still has link lists and some history articles, but these days I’m focusing mainly on royal news and royalty books because that’s where I think I can still add something useful.

Will Royalty.nu exist 11 years from now? Probably. It definitely would not have survived for its first 11 years without the kindness, encouragement and support of its loyal visitors. My thanks to you all.