Americans only like the British royal family?

Commentary from CNN host Erin Burnett on what she perceives as Americans’ lack of interest in the Dutch royal family:


My own observation: The Dutch abdication/inauguration took place on a weekday and began around 4 AM in the U.S. EST; as far as I know, it was not broadcast on U.S. television. These factors made it difficult for people in the U.S. to watch. If CNN and other media outlets gave the Dutch royal family as much coverage in the U.S. as they give the British royal family, Americans might be more interested.

The (other) inevitable comparison

It was only a matter of time. U.S. first lady Michelle Obama is (1) a woman and (2) famous, so naturally she was first compared to Princess Diana, and is now being compared to — you guessed it — Marie Antoinette.

Let them eat tapas? Mrs Obama faces holiday fury (link expired)

The right’s comparison of Michelle Obama and Marie Antoinette is more astute than they realize